Venice Blues Festival 2015

Chicago Bluesmen to add soul and funk to Venice Blues Festival

Kinsey report 1

Walking down the road to the burning edge of rock and roll…aggressively mixes the blues of the city with the rock of radio…soul blues with a nasty touch. – Guitar

The Kinsey Report attacks the beat with a rocker’s ferocity.  Funky and haunting solos…satisfying, mean and danceable. Village Voice

Stormy, guitar-driven, up-to-the-minute Chicago blues. -Billboard

Wicked vibrato… raucous double-bend slurs… from Deep delta bottleneck blues to bopping shuffles, hellacious funk to Drop-beat reggae. -Guitar World

Donald soars above his gritty vocals with immaculate, soulful solos… with its marriage of contemporary lyrics and heavy blues, rock, funk and reggae influences, the Kinsey’s Music is being touted as “future blues.” -Guitar Player


Larry McCray


Stepping outside the lines seems to be what McCray does best. His astounding guitar playing makes it clear that he has mastered the blues, but McCray imparts his music with his own unique stamp. His soulful vocals along with his rock and R&B influences give him a musical style that is completely his own.

Songs like “Blues is My Business” showcase McCray’s incredible technical guitar skills, while other numbers like “Soul Shine” put McCray’s warm singing voice front and center. But no matter what the song, McCray’s own unique style of blues is evident